Tiger, Georgia

Goats On The Roof

Alien Goats
Roadside Attraction

Goats from Outer Space in North Georgia

Roadside attractions often claim the bizarre and unusual to allure visitors. Such as the world's largest bottle of ketchup, the world's biggest boll weevil, plaster casts of Bigfoot's foot or the world’s biggest pair of cowboy boots.

Goats on the Roof

Goats on the Roof has that classic roadside attraction charm. It claims that the Tiger mountain goats are direct descendants of extraterrestrials. They were discovered by a man named “Uncle Buck” as he observed them clinging to the shingles. It is said that the goats are watching the skies for a magical sign: a solar eclipse of the apricot moon, when the constellation Aries turns gold. It’s also claimed that once this occurs, the Mother Ship of the Goat Universe will descend out of the Northern Sky and fetch the goats back home to Aries.

Creamy nitro-made ice cream

Upon visiting, you’ll immediately notice that the goats have zero issues moving across the structure of bridges and ramps and onto the roof. The goats are used to folks feeding them so they are super approachable and friendly. They seem healthy and well taken care of…perhaps its because they’re aliens?

Thousands of tourists from around the nation flock to the North Georgia Mountains in search of cooler summers. Top activities include whitewater rafting, river tubing, camping, wine tasting, and the novelty of the mountain lifestyle. Countless quaint attractions offer offbeat entertainment, local history and natural wildlife. Restaurants and hotels subsist on this flow of travelers.

Gem mining

There’s plenty to do at Goats on the Roof; a gift shop with souvenir t-shirts and hats, mugs, toys, candy and other unique gifts. Goodies include jarred jams, homemade fudge, super creamy nitro-made ice cream (fun to watch as they make it), gem mining and a children’s playground.

This place is awesome for families traveling to the area. It is truly keeping the golden age of roadside attractions alive and well. Quirky only begins to describe Goats on the Roof. However, that’s what makes it unexpectedly fun.

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